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Globally chillies are produced at a rate of 5.1million tonnes yearly. With demand growing and the valuable crop having a wide variety of uses including food and pharma applications, producers are looking for more ways to increase yield and improve volume.

 In 2019 Pharm 2 Farm were approached by an Indian chilli farmer- Mr Venkat Reddy Mekapothula who is a large farmer within the Andhra Pradesh area.

Mr Mekapothula was looking for a way to increase yield as well as making the plants more resistant to wind damage which often causes poor fruit set.

Pharm 2 farm formulated a unique powder blend containing the companies patented N-SITU nano particles iron & silica. This powder formulation wash shipped to India for application on the 2020 crop.

Initial results were noticeable early on with field workers recording that the flowers were earlier than usual around 20 days on average and the plant being more robust.

Mr Mekapothula commented ‘ The earlier flowering combined with the stronger plants meant there was a higher fruit set with less flowers being damaged by the wind. Rough samples showed there was around a 30-40% increase of hanging fruit within the areas that had been treated.

After processing our finished crop we have received back final weights showing there was an increase of 11quintals weight per acre in chillies.

The crop was also of a higher quality with less skin blemishes meaning we were able to achieve a top price of 14,000/quintal.  The total benefit from using the nano fertiliser equated to 154,000, these are returns that have never been possible using standard fertilizers.

We have now reordered more nano material for use in 2021 to treat the whole of our farmed areas and have collaborated with other farmers to purchase the technology in bulk’

Pharm 2 Farm have since received a large amount of interest from Indian agricultural suppliers and are currently in talks with major distributors to develop distribution.

India is the world’s largest producer as well as exporter of dry chillies. Its exports represent 72.93 % of world production.

Interesting fact- The company has previously been involved in growing the world’s hottest chilli using our bespoke N-SITU nano particles. They have been proven to increase capsicum levels when used in bespoke formulations.

For more information on our chilli farming products or to talk to someone about nano technology get in touch