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Face Masks

Pro-Larva – the new medical grade anti-viral mask

  • The 4 ply anti-viral disposable medical mask from Pharm2Farm Ltd is proven to kill up to 99.9% of influenza and coronaviruses for up to 7 hours*.
  • Splash resistant with a melt blown filter and hypoallergenic layers, Pro-Larva uses our proprietary α-virion™ virucidal technology, featuring copper nanoparticles.
  • Pro-Larva is CE marked and is produced under sterile conditions. Its α-virion™ layer has been certified to ISO 18184 standards.
  • ISO 18184 is a standard protocol to quantify the antiviral properties of textile materials. *Within 5 minutes of contact, clinically proven by Virology Research Services Ltd, independent UK virology centre


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