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Commercial Update on Indian Chilli industry

We recently announced the successful application of our N-Situ nanoparticle Iron and silica on a commercial chilli farm in Andhra Pradesh, India. The trial was done in collaboration with Mr Venkat Reddy Mekapothula, a large commercial chilli farmer who has reported a 40% increase on

International Citrus Greening Trial Gets Underway

The global production of citrus fruit is estimated to be over 1115.6 million tons per year, with the USA producing 8 million tons, at an estimated value of over $3.3 billion. However, these numbers have been in steady decline since 2011. Huanglongbing,  commonly referred to

Business Development Manager Hire

Graeme Todd has joined Pharm2Farm as International Business Development Manager and will be promoting the Pharm2Farm technologies across the globe in horticulture, hydroponics, aquaponics and other applications.

Recent Trials Produce 33% More Basil Leaves

In recent basil growing trials with Korean agricultural group Griin, plants treated with Pharm2Farm’s coated nanoparticle technology produced 33% more leaves over a 20 days harvesting period with a more intense flavour.