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Nano Technology With Patented Bioactive Coatings

Optimising Nutrition

Since records began in the 1940’s, the nutritional value of the UK’s and worldwide crops has diminished dramatically. Many of the intensively grown foods produced can no longer be regarded to be ‘as healthy’ because they lack the levels of trace elements once present. Pharm2Farm produces these specialist nutrients in a unique way so that plants can absorb them more effectively.

Pharm2Farm is passionate about producing products that maximise plant production whilst optimising nutrition use to minimise the carbon and environmental footprint of agriculture and horticulture.

Patented Growing Technologies

Working with the latest growing technologies such as vertical farming Pharm2Farm technology is a key part of the solution to produce food for a global population expected to peak in 2050. Producing increased yields, higher nutritional content and robust plant health, it is technology fit for the next century, where the global population is expected to exceed 10 billion people over the next 30 years.

The Company’s products are based on patented technology, developed by Dr Gareth Cave at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, and backed by Braveheart Investment Group. Pharm2Farm, Dr Gareth Cave and Nottingham Trent University continue to undertake research & development and collaborate with a wide range of partners.

“Maximising nutrition and growth in a sustainable way, fit for the next century”

Dr Gareth Cave – Director


Pioneering Nano Technology

Technology initially developed for the medical industry has been optimised for plant and animal nutrition. A number of trials have shown increased nutritional content through fortification, shelf life, increased nutrient use and a lower environmental footprint. The technology has moved from the laboratory to full production. Groundbreaking trials has shown interest from a number of growers and processors. This pioneering technology was initially developed to enrich the nutritional value of potatoes, in conjunction with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (“AHDB”) which represents farmers.

Preliminary results not only showed a 20 per cent. increase in iron uptake by the tubers, but also an increase in yield and an approximate two-week reduction in the time to harvest. This patented technology has now been developed for use in the growing of other commercial crops, both in soil and hydroponically.

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