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Pharm2Farm trace minerals for superior plant production

Design and manufacture of nanoparticles which deliver the micro-nutrients essential for healthy plant growth.

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Bespoke Nano Particles

Pharm2Farm has developed and patented a process to increase the bioavailability of trace minerals in plant fertilizer. This patented process uses nanotechnology and amino acid coatings to dramatically improve trace element take-up by plants in hydroponics, horticulture and agriculture. Pharm2Farm produce and sell these products through an exclusive licence to this technology from Nottingham Trent University, UK.

The increased bioavailability provides greater nutrient take-up, leading to a more sustainable crop with increased yields, longer shelf life and enhanced nutrient profile.

Our Products

Our range of essential nutrients have been developed in a format coated with amino acids. They are designed for both field scale production and controlled environment systems, including: hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics.

Nanotechnology Trial Data

Chilli Plant Trial

As well as increasing growth rates and crop yields in chilli’s, trials using Fe nanoparticles show an increase in metabolites vitamin C and capsaicin.

Tomato Fortification Trial

Fe nanoparticles added to a normal fertiliser program increased yields, dry mass, fruit size and iron content significantly.

Potato Fortification Trial

Trials using Fe nanoparticles improved the nutritional value of the crop increasing mineral iron and calcium content by 24.3% and 14.4% respectively

Basil Growing Trial

Trials recently conducted by Korean agricultural group Griin, using its vertical hydroponic system. Basil plants treated with Pharm2Farm’s nanotechnology grew faster, producing 33% more leaves over a 20 day harvesting period, with a more intense flavour.

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