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Our Recent Trial Data & Approach

Our Approach To Trials

Pharm2Farm continues to undertake new research into the manufacture and use of its nano-particle and coating technology. Applications for the technology exists within horticulture, animal agriculture, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and nutraceutical industries.

Pharm2Farm is currently involved in a number of industry and grant funded trials with commercial partners across various sectors.

If you would like to be involved in future research please contact There are a number of grant funded programs open to consortiums which may be suitable.

Recent Trial Extracts

Chilli Plant Trial

Chilli Plant Trial

As well as increasing growth rates and crop yields in chilli’s, trials using Fe nanoparticles show an increase in metabolites vitamin C and capsaicin.

Tomato Fortification Trial

Tomato Fortification Trial

Fe nanoparticles added to a normal fertiliser program increased yields, dry mass, fruit size and iron content significantly.

Potato Fortification Trial

Potato Fortification Trial

Trials using Fe nanoparticles improved the nutritional value of the crop increasing mineral iron and calcium content by 24.3% and 14.4% respectively

Basil Growing Trial

Basil Growing Trial

Trials recently conducted by Korean agricultural group Griin, using its vertical hydroponic system. Basil plants treated with Pharm2Farm’s nanotechnology grew faster, producing 33% more leaves over a 20 day harvesting period, with a more intense flavour.

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